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Agency Wars!!!! 11-Nov-2016

Agency wars

I’ve been running the Olivia’s Ladies team for a little over a year now and before that I owned a different Liverpool escort agency and before that I was a working girl myself, I have been in this industry for nearly 7 years and I still find it amusing the rumors’, hate and bitching that goes on within the industry. Out of all of the bitching the one that shocks me the most is what other agencies say about each other. Surely we don’t need to lower ourselves to that? As if we don’t face enough stress and judgment from the general public, why we need to as agency owners then pick battles with other escort agencies is beyond me!!

I stand by the saying it’s always nice to be nice. As cliche as it sounds, what goes around really does come back around. I don’t see the issue in helping other people within the industry or recommending other agencies to my loyal clients. If you are believe in what you do and you believe in the vision of your business you do not need to feel threatened by other businesses.

It was a breathe of fresh air the other day when one of my ladies who has recently joined our team mentioned her old agency had wished her all the best with her new agency. This is huge agency in Manchester with a very good reputation, proving my point that you do not need to go out of your way to try and sabotage another agency in order to gain. I also took it as a huge compliment that such a big agency had me on their radar. I must be doing something right.

From time to time I’m not always able to provide my loyal clients with a companion for the evening, If they happen to ask do I know any other agency I could recommend I am always happy to do so, or I will simply say, I can’t comment if they are any good or not but I have heard of them and it’s always worth giving them a ring and you can make your own judgment. Always remain professional.

Another issue I have faced is ladies who try and apply to my agency, slating their last agency. I find this very distasteful. There are always 2 sides to every story. Did they pay their fees? Were they reliable? How many times did the agency let them off and give them chance after chance? This industry can consume some escorts and turn them into horrible people. Always remain humble and remember what life was like before you started working.

On that note thank you to all my Liverpool escorts who have been loyal to me, remained professional and as a result have now become very good friends for life. This is why we are fast growing to be the number one Liverpool escort agency of all time.