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Bellabooty33 11-May-2017

This isn’t one of my usual ranting blogs about something I’ve laid witness too or my self righteous opinions about how I and I only know everything there is to know about the escort world and how everybody should do it my way haha!! This is blog praising someone else. I am huge believer of be nice and nice things will come to you and I also feel inspired and very happy for other people  when I see them doing well and also being nice. Despite what some narrow minded people my think

The other day on adultwork, I was doing my usual stalk of the independant escorts and being the nosy woman I am I like to snoop and get a feel for who is working in the Liverpool area. You could call it market research but putting it bluntly it’s also called being nosy. Although I had seen this particular lovely ladies profile a few times I had never noticed the blog on her page, so I’m sure you can imagine what was meant to be a 10 minute adultwork stalk turned into me spending my whole afternoon, sitting in my garden (with yet again another glass of wine in my hand) reading some very interesting, well put together blogs from what I could tell, an extremely beautiful and educated Liverpool escort.

So why am I writing a blog about it. Like I said before, I become inspired by other people and this lady inspired me. Although I did not agree with all of her blogs she still put her thoughts and opinions out there and did it in a very tasteful way. There was one blog, if I’m not mistaken it is her most recent one that I couldn’t of agreed with more. I even felt the need to email her and thank her for a lovely afternoon’s worth of reading material. I won’t go into to much detail about the blog because that in itself is a whole blog that I don’t have time to put together. (the phone is ringing, I’ve got the school run in 20 minutes and tea to put on, ROCKSTAR LIFE I LEAD HAHA) It was so nice to get a down to earth, kind and genuine reply from her. This is the sort of lady any man would be lucky to spend an hour with.

To anyone who enjoys reading my blogs then I will put the link of her blog below for you to follow and have a good read through (no doubt Katie my business partner will be hot on this, she’s worst than I am and I haven’t told her about this gem I’ve found). I really feel you’ll all enjoy them. She’s also a very attractive Liverpool escort. Shame she doesn’t work for us. I wish her all the best.

Enjoy the rest of the sunshine because the weekend it’s apparently all over. I’m sure one of our Liverpool escorts will be able to cheer you up. Much love. xXx