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All British escort agency 01-Nov-2016

Liverpool ladies the home of British escorts

Here at Liverpool Ladies we only have British Liverpool escorts on our books.

Why you may ask? Quite simply they are the best. I can honestly say 90% of clients ring up and one of the first things they ask me ‘Is she is English?’ This in it’s self tells me that this is what the clients want. This is my agencies niche and we have a very good reputation for representing some of the most beautiful escorts around the UK. If you want to enjoy the company of English Liverpool escorts, then you will find many available at our escort agency.

.British escorts

Over the years I have been called racist, (the most annoying insult of them all because if you actually looked up the word you’d realise what the definition of a racist was. I thought it best to add a link to the Oxford directory to clear that up), prejudiced and my favorite….stuck up. You don’t see people kicking off in Oak furniture land because they don’t sell mdf. I’ve built the Olivia’s Ladies brand around what I feel clients want, British ladies.

I do not have other nationalities on my books because I think there is anything wrong with them, over the years I have met and worked with some amazing escorts that where not British but if I’m being honest having them work within my agency hasn’t worked out.

Yet despite the fact that I have English or British wrote next to every single one of my ladies profiles and that I have it on my home page, one of the biggest issues I do have is when clients ring up asking if my ladies are definitely English. My reaction used to be one of a rather annoyed lady, until I took the time one day to listen to gentleman who explained to me that agencies have sent him ladies saying they are English and when they turn up they very clearly are not. This is not fair on the client or the escort being sent. He then went on to tell me to avoid this he would look on for independent escorts as they couldn’t possibly lie about their nationality. Well guess what they did. This had me some what annoyed, you should be proud of your nationality and where you are from.

So to that end…….Yes all the escorts you see here at Liverpool ladies escort agency are 100% British. Take a look on our Liverpool call girls gallery page to see who you’d like to spend an evening with.