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New driving laws 15-Mar-2017

New changes to the law in regards to driving while being on the phone!!!!

If you send a text and don’t get a reply within half an hour please call. Don’t be rude and send a bunch of question marks or a text saying I am being rude, pick up the phone and I will happily answer.

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a blog about the new changes to the law and how that would possibly affect my escort agency. A lot of arrangements with regular clients are done via text but with this new law coming into place I will not risk losing my license or paying a £200 fine. I am a human being like every body else and I do have to pop to the shops and see friends and family, normally as bad as it was I would risk being on my phone while driving to arrange a booking. This is not the case anymore.

To that end it’s best to call if you have an urgent or last minute request to see one of beautiful ladies.

For more information on the new laws that came into play at the end of February this year click on the link here and you can read all about it. Don’t text and drive people. It really isn’t worth it.

Much Love