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No Show Clients 07-Mar-2017

No Show Clients!!!!!!!!


Here at Liverpool ladies we are one of the only agencies in Liverpool and across the Northwest who offer an incall service, taking this into account, I find it amazing how some individuals think it’s okay to simply not show up to their booking without any forward warning, taking advantage of a fantastic set up. Manners are not just big houses gentleman, they are what make a man.

I pride myself in the way I run my agency and the lengths I go to too make sure that both client and lady are happy and that the time that that suits the client is best accommodated. I am forever moving timings around and re-arranging bookings to keep everyone happy. I’m sure you can imagine that if a client doesn’t show up, it is a disappointment to us all.

In this industry I fully appreciate that things crop up, work meetings over run or the traffic is at a stand still leaving your very little time slot non existent, but all it takes is 30 seconds to make a phone call and cancel your booking. These things cannot be helped.

For the most part over the years this has always been the case but as of late the number of no show clients has seriously started to affect the way things are run and as a result I have had to make a few changes. The ladies and my receptionist cannot keep being messed around.

As of today if a client simply can’t be bothered to cancel his booking, or he had no intention at all of showing up to get some cheap thrill he will be blacklisted from the agency. If you haven’t ever booked with us this blacklist will not be removed, if you have booked with us before and forgot your manners then you will still be added on to the blacklist and will have to speak with myself on how to be taken off this list. I do not take kindly to having my or any of my ladies time wasted.

Please don’t think this is some light threat, I have already blacklisted 2 regular clients for falling to show for a few incalls without any notice, thinking that because they had booked with us a lot in the past they could suddenly start messing us all around.