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Sorry if I offend you!! 16-May-2017

This little topic has been a bug barer of mine for some time now. Gentlemen who ask escorts for what we call in the industry “Bareback services”. Incase you didn’t know, that is sex without a condom. This annoys for a number of reasons…….

On all of my ladies profiles it very clearly states and I quote….

. Do I offer bareback? A. Absolutely not as an agency we are very strict on the health and wellbeing of our ladies. Please do not ask this as you will be ignored.

Yet this very clear statement gets ignored, what is more worrying is the amount of times it gets ignored. I receive at least one message a day asking for a bareback service.  Surely I should just accept it as part and of running an escort agency, this was my view on it for some time. I had a simple ignore and block policy.So why now do I feel the need to write about it now after running my agency for nearly 3 years?

The other day I received an email of a client on Adultwork asking the following….”Don’t get offended by this question but I thought i’d be cheeky and ask if I showed you my recent health screening results which are all clean if you’d allow me to fuck you without a condom obviously i’d pay a lot extra xx”

Normally I would ignore this message, simply ignore and block, but it really got under my skin. Not only I had I spent the day before updating and revamping all of the Adultwork profies, making sure it was VERY clear this service was not offered, I had point blank had enough of ignoring these men and their disgusting requests. After all they had not bothered themselves to read the profiles properly and took it upon themselves to ignore me. Safe to say he got a somewhat blunt message back. If you have to start a sentence with “Don’t get offended? the chances are you’re going to offend that person. IDIOT!!!!

People on the outside world have the sterotypical view that working girls are dirty and must be full of STI’s. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. Escorts are probably the most health conscious ladies you’ll ever come across. When I used to work I went for health checks every 3-4 weeks, I always used a condom and no amount of money would of ever persuaded me other wise. There is no amount of money that can cure AIDS. Now that I run an agency I am still very on top of these things.

When I interview any lady, I stress to them that bareback services is out of the question and you will be immediately let go from the agency without any second chances. Done, bye bye, see you later. I have a zero tolerance policy on the matter. Thankfully every lady has been in complete agreement with me on the subject.

Ask yourself this gentlemen…………If an escort has said yes to you, think of how many other guys she has potentially said yes too? It’s not just about you being clean, it’s about both parties being clean, a “recent health certificate” means nothing. I find it strange that any man would want to risk his health. No self respecting escort would. This is what these ladies do for a living. It is a job/career. You wouldn’t ask a footballer to run around a pitch for 90 minutes without his skin pads on would you? No why because he would get hurt. The whole thing amazes me.

I do hope the arrogant Jonesjones12 who sent me a message the other day liked the reply I sent back. Yes I was offended.

That’s enough about that. I think I’ve made my feelings very clear on the matter. You can be rest assured that all of my Liverpool escorts are 100% clean. After all this is a professional, high class escort agency. Not a back street brothel.