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Voting day 08-Jun-2017

Today is the day that the nation heads to their local poling station and places their vote!! With the country in the state it is currently in and all the heart ache and upset we have had to face in the last 3 weeks it’s no wonder people don’t know who to vote for. Every party is promising different things and saying they are the ones will take our country forward for the best. Let’s not even get started on Brexit.

They are always say you should never talk about politics and religion while on a night out and as much as you try to live by that, it’s all that anyone seems to be talking about at the moment. Can you really blame anyone. Who will do right by us? Are they all the same? ¬†Should you even vote? These are the questions the general public have going through their minds.

One thing I know for sure is who ever does win tomorrow, nothing will change in the sex industry. No party wants to tackle the issues surrounding sex workers and prostitution. We need a system like Australia put in place. Make it legal as it we all know it’s happening. (I would put my life on it that every single male MP has booked an escort) Help sex workers stay safe. Help push out all these bad agencies exploiting girls.

I have already been to place my vote this morning and now all I can do is sit back and see what happens. However while that happens I am happy to say the agency is still in full swing. If the stress of the general election has got you down or you like to escape from normal life for an hour than you’ll be happy to know that our Liverpool escorts¬†are available today for incalls and outcalls.

Today we have the beautiful Mayleen, she’s had to come back to Liverpool from her busy life in the countries capital to place her vote and she thought why not have some fun while I’m up here. She is available from 1pm until 11pm today for incalls and outcalls.

From 6pm this evening we have an all blonde show for you. Both Rochelle and Katie are available for outcalls across Liverpool and surrounding areas. Why not treat yourself to both ladies.

The poles are open until 10pm, make sure you place your vote.